Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weaving Memories

One of our returning guests handed me a present before she left. It was a handmade, loop and loom potholder; colorful, tightly woven, and characteristically scrappy. Holding it, I was instantly transported to the floor of a friend's house where I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, pleading for my sister to teach me the tricky method for finishing the border of my loom potholder. It was just a flash, but this blast from the past inspired me to pick up the craft again.  I've been making potholders in the evenings ever since. 

Satisfyingly easy to make, the patterns come alive with color and contrast. It's like quiltmaking, only faster and more functional. This type of potholder is the best you will ever use. They keep out the heat. They are washable. And, their small size keeps the corners from going into whatever you are taking out of the oven. I figure by the end of winter, I'll have a whole basket of functional potholders to share with friends and guests.

I recall spending hours weaving and planning, picking out the unpleasant colors and struggling with the ill-fitting loops. I don't think my sister ever did teach me the trick to finishing the borders. But I was surprised when I picked up the loom again:  I knew how to do it. 

Just recently, I heard a report of a new memory study which found that the act of remembering actually creates a new memory which is stored in a new space in the brain. I'm happy to have this new memory in this new place.


  1. I remember making those when I was a little girl. My memories about making them are much like yours. They are the best potholders... Wish I still had some.

  2. Eileen,
    Stop by sometime on a Saturday or in the evening and I'll let you pick out a couple of them!

  3. Sounds like a plan! I've been meaning to get over your way sometime. I just love your posts.

  4. Michelle,

    I selected you for One Lovely Blog Award. Go to my site to see it.

  5. I know this is old but...what do you make these out of? My daughter recently started making these with loops from the store, but it says on the box that they are decorative only.

  6. S.Z., here's where I order cotton loops: